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Badass Interviews: Jackie Harlow

What does the word “Badass” mean to you. Someone who regularly pushes past her perceived limitations in the pursuit of adventure, particularly in the alpine. Would you consider yourself more of a hunter or a gatherer? 100% hunter, despite being

Perfectionism and Negative Talk, Image, and Results

Perfectionism is often a compliment and insult rolled into one. The positive side recognizes grit, focus, and determination. The negative context insinuates being rigid, anal, and overbearing. Aiming high is awesome, truly a great motivator and trait. However, demanding and,

Uri’s Top 3 Nutrition Tips for Endurance Athletes

  Eat real food while training and racing! I’m sure all of us have experienced that “flavor fatigue” when you’re hours or days into a workout and you can’t even think about eating another pre-packaged bar or gel block. That’s

Aging and Performance

A couple weeks ago, I attended the 2017 Training Peaks Endurance Coaching Summit. Through two and a half days of networking, keynote presentations and breakout sessions, I left with a lot of notes. But one of the things that really

TP (not that kind of TP) 101

  You’ve probably heard me harp on this before: Train + Rest = improved performance or capacity. But HOW MUCH training? And HOW MUCH resting? And how do you quantify it? Miles? Hours? Unfortunately, Volume (miles or hours) isn’t a