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Svare: The Benefits of Consistency

Joshua J. Svare is a Seattle based audio engineer that often travels for work for up to two weeks at a time. His main goal is to cut down to his mid-20’s weight and make strength gains in the gym

Training with POWER for cycling!

Why would I want a Power Meter? You know how runners can always compare themselves to themselves by going to a track?  How do they tell if they’ve improved?  By how fast they ran it!  The track is magical because

Top 3 Questions Coach Uri Gets From Athletes:

“How much should I eat during a workout?” For anything lasting more than 1-1.5hrs, aim to replace half of the calories you burn with food. For example, say you burn 400 calories an hour, so shoot for eating 200 calories

Why I Began Working With A Coach, By Colter Lane

About a year ago, I began working with Coach Howdyshell. You might be thinking, “A coach? Geez, you must be a serious athlete.” I’m not a professional and I don’t make money from racing, but I do identify as an

The Right Pace

“I’m sorry for slowing you down,” he said, for the fourth time today. I knew it was the fourth time, not because I’d been counting, but because each one irked me a little bit more than the last. I’m “fast.”