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Training with POWER for cycling!

Why would I want a Power Meter? You know how runners can always compare themselves to themselves by going to a track?  How do they tell if they’ve improved?  By how fast they ran it!  The track is magical because more »

Top 3 Questions Coach Uri Gets From Athletes:

“How much should I eat during a workout?” For anything lasting more than 1-1.5hrs, aim to replace half of the calories you burn with food. For example, say you burn 400 calories an hour, so shoot for eating 200 calories more »

Why I Began Working With A Coach, By Colter Lane

About a year ago, I began working with Coach Howdyshell. You might be thinking, “A coach? Geez, you must be a serious athlete.” I’m not a professional and I don’t make money from racing, but I do identify as an more »

The Right Pace

“I’m sorry for slowing you down,” he said, for the fourth time today. I knew it was the fourth time, not because I’d been counting, but because each one irked me a little bit more than the last. I’m “fast.” more »

Badass Interviews: Jackie Harlow

What does the word “Badass” mean to you. Someone who regularly pushes past her perceived limitations in the pursuit of adventure, particularly in the alpine. Would you consider yourself more of a hunter or a gatherer? 100% hunter, despite being more »