Month: May 2017

The Training Diary

It’s tempting to distill performance down to single numbers, to define ourselves by our FTP, our MAF pace, or our Personal Best. These numbers are easy to understand, and give us a sense of surety in our place in the

The Process

“Why don’t you do the half-marathon?” I asked her. My friend had just asked me if I thought she could race a marathon off the couch in 4 weeks. Could she have finished the marathon? Sure. She’s fit, and has

Joe’s 2017 imperial Challenge Race Recap

It all started with the ice. I had just dropped off my skis and boots in the transition zone at the base of the ski area, and was driving the bike course backwards. “Oh (*&#^,” I thought, “This is a

2017 Junior Programs!

A couple months ago, it was brought to my attention that one of the local mountain bike clubs, Summit Velo, was shutting it’s doors. Summit Velo had previously been one of the main mountain bike junior development programs in the area,