Month: August 2013

Intervals 102: The Dirty Details

Now that we’ve established the basics of ¬†intervals in yesterdays Intervals 101: The Bare Necessities, we’re ready to talk the specifics!   As we discussed yesterday, intervals are just pace changes. But how long to you go hard? How long

Intervals 101: The Bare Necessities

Ahh, intervals. They’re your favorite, right? You wake up every day and say, hell yeah, I wanna do THAT! In my experience, most people hate intervals. With a burning fiery passion. BUT, most people also either A) don’t really know

Warmup or Die?!: Part 2

Now that we’ve established a need for a warmup, how do we go about warming up most effectively? First rule of thumb: Have a plan! Things to be considered include travel time, prep time (getting bike together, waxing warmup skis)

Warmup. Or Die?! Part:1

One of the most oft overlooked aspects of racing by the uninitiated is the warmup. Whether it’s due to a lack of time/poor planning, or a desire to save energy for the race, not warming up properly WILL bite you