Month: July 2013


What is the difference between zone 1 and zone 2? Between zone 4 and 5? Between 8 and 9? What? You didn’t know there were 9 zones? What kind of crap is this!?!?! As a coach and exercise physiologist, I’m

Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Congrats to S.E.A. athlete Sydney Fox for her 3rd place overall at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb! Might have been her first road race?

Mt. Evans Results

Rough day for S.E.A. athlete Matti Rowe at Mt. Evans, but hey, 15th out of 36th in the PRO-1-2 ain’t too shabby.

Swan River Rampage Results

What Does a Coach do?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re hungry to get better. You may be a newby just bitten by the endurance bug, or a seasoned vet looking to make it to the next level. Either way, you are driven to