Training Plans

Take the guesswork out of your training!

Gain the fitness and confidence you need to be successful on race day with one of our online training plans!







Developed and handcrafted by Summit Endurance Academy Badass Coaches. Each plan provides a detailed, comprehensive and structured (periodized) training program at a cost-effective price.

Training plans are available for:

Ski Mountaineering Racing (Skimo)

Running STEEP ( Mountain running)

Running FAST (Road/Trail Running)

Mountain Biking

Find the right plan for you!


What you get with your training plan:

  • Periodized Training Plan: Detailed daily workouts in the TrainingPeaks online platform.
  • Peace of Mind: The expertise and confidence you need to be successful on race day.

  • Accessible & Online Plan: Mobile access and email reminders of workouts.

  • Online Plan Resources: Guidelines for schedule changes, race week, training nutrition and more.

  • Answers to Your Questions: We’ll respond quickly to any questions you have about your plan.

  • Video Demonstrations: Including drills and strength exercises.

  • Science and Art: Leverage our extensive experience and education in endurance sports.