Pink sunglasses. Monster thighs. Loud. Horrible tan lines. You might think to yourself, “This guy is a coach?”
Don’t let that fool you. Joe knows his shit. He has a master’s degree. But put that aside. Lots of people have a master’s degree in exercise physiology. That’s not what you’re signing up for. You’re buying into Joe.
Why get coached by Joe? What makes him better?
Joe is a superior coach because of his ability to distill the principles of training into simplicity. Not only that, but he makes training fun. Read that last sentence. Training becomes fun. You learn to WANT to crush yourself, and then rest. Getting fit is fun.
Joe has been helping me get faster since 2009. His most powerful influence has been showing me how to integrate training with life. We forget this. It’s easy to put your head down, turn into a monk, and stop having fun.
With Joe’s guidance, I’ve progressed as an athlete year after year. This isn’t a coincidence. it’s not because he gave me workouts, or a master periodization plan. I think it’s because of the force of his personality. When he believes in you, you start to believe. With belief, everything else falls into place.
With Joey, you’re not just buying into a workout plan, you’re buying into a philosophy: go hard, rest, have fun. Joey will show you how.

Matti winning the Superior Morgul in Cat 3

Matti winning the Superior Morgul in Cat 3

-Matt Rowe
Team Cycleton
Cat 2 Roadie


About four years ago, Joe Howdyshell became my new coach. As a young skier, I was just beginning a life long journey in search for the coveted finish line that would fulfill my dream goal of becoming an Olympic Champion. Somewhere distant this goal stood, whether it was in the next eight or twelve years, I knew Joe would be the man to take me there.

I really was not much of a fast skier prior to Joe, but I did like to train, and I had fun doing it. I just had no idea what to do, for how long, or at what intensity, all the little details that make an athlete successful.

The season prior to Joe’s coaching, my best result at USSA Junior Championships was 60th place. I was actually trying not to get last. That summer, he instilled the belief within me that I would be the best in the world. Ever since then, its been full speed ahead. The very next year, I cracked the top 7 in the Junior Championships, and was an alternate on a junior team that was sent to Europe to compete in the Scandinavian Cup, based on my results at U.S. Cross Country Championships. The year after that, I won every junior race I was in, including a Junior National Championships relay, and a podium in the distance race. This past year, however, I raced my best.

With his motivation and training expertise, I qualified for the 2013 F.I.S. Junior and U23 Nordic World Ski Championships in Liberec, CZE.

Going into the final race of championships, I was ranked 18th junior skier in the world.

I have complete and utter confidence in this man as my coach. I have no doubt that every single workout is geared towards the goal and success. The quality of his training plan is quite possibly the best in the United States. I have no doubt that together you and Summit Endurance Academy can achieve your own greatness, whether its finishing a local trail running race in a certain amount of time, or taking the top step of the Olympic Podium.

Tucker McCrerey
U.S. Ski Team’s – National Training and Development Group